This is a portrait of myself with a hat and a camera, so you can't really see my face.
Hi there, I'm Marc Doucakis, aka Mrküs.
I am a Photographer and Product Designer originally from Geneva Switzerland.
After travelling around the world for some time, it is in Berlin that I decided to settle down and drop my backpack for a bit (that was 6 years ago), in this time I have been working full time as a in-house Product Designer where I design for both our mobile applications and our responsive website / web-application. Having a background in photography and print design, aesthetic aka UI is something that matters a lot for me but we know that in the era we live in, beautiful doesn't mean usable, which is why I focus a lot of my time and effort in UX as well as data results to see how and where we can improve things which is something I talk about during Meetups and conferences.
Next to that, I work as a photographer for various events (weddings, concerts, corporate...) and love simply go out and take pictures of the things I love which include landscapes, architecture and of course people.
Please do drop me a line if you think that we could do great things together, say hi or ask me more about myself.   ​​​​​​​
Thank you!